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Whether you are a starting a business, looking too add more structure or begin to scale, working together we can achieve your business goals
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What I can offer you

Legacy Business School

If you are at the start of your entreprenuerial journey, then this may just be the place for you. The Legacy Business school is an innovative online learning community geared at equipping aspirational entreprenuers with solid foundations so they can turn their visions into gloabl missions.

Strategic Consultations

If you are looking for a more focusd 1:1 time, to hone in my expertise on your business then this is the answer for you. Strategic consultations are targetted at building strategies specific to your business so you can start to see results fast a gain momentum in your business growth journey.

Programmes, Mastermind and Retreats

If you are a more seasoned business-owner looking to work with an elite group of ambitious entreprenuers, look no further. Our unique programmes, retreats and masterminds bring together talented and successful individuals who are all working to scale their visions.



Realising an idea or starting a business is all about focus. My ninety minute business intensives sessions support clients to get clearly focused on the logical next steps on how to move forward.



One day intensives concentrate on developing effective strategies to move your business forward fast, actively manage change and realise your ambitions.



Business Blueprints targets my expertise specifically on your business vision. Working together in the long term, we define your business challenges and find innovative and effective solutions.

Meet Nimisha

Whether you are looking to Start, Structure or Scale your business, you should be leveraging my expertise so you can stop holding back and start realising your and your businesses true potential and reap the rewards you deserve.


Business Skill Sharing

Sharing Knowledge and expertise builds a stronger busienss community. You are part of a network, start building your skill base here and now.

Leaving a Legacy

Personal growth and positive change in our own lives can be lined to making a positive difference in a wider sense too. Travelling to countries all over the world, i’ve been lucky enough to witness the powerful impact that sharing skills and knowledge has on individuals and communities.

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