hey! i'm Nimisha

A British based, Kenyan born serial entrepreneur and philanthropist!

I advise and consult for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and acts as a trusted business growth advisor to small and medium sized businesses globally 

Whether you are looking to start, structure or scale your business I am here to make it happen for you with my expertise

My Story

Born and raised in Kenya, ethnically Indian and educated in England, my formative years truly shaped who I would become. Surrounded by entrepreneurial family during the 80s and 90s, as the world went through its rapidest change, I experienced the way living changed around us. The rise of personal computers, phones, rapidly changing economic development and ultimately shifts in social class, I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, the only difference was I didn’t want it just for the money. To me it represented the greatest way I could make impact in the world. 

I went onto study Business Management at University and was deeply troubled at how commerce and industry was having such a negative impact on our planet at every level, whether it was disgruntled workers or to environmental disasters. Equally I saw how Business could be used as a force for good and truly create social change, when adapted with more than profit in mind.

I went onto to join Accenture as a Management Consultant and made it my mission to understand the construct of corporates and institutions alike. I utimately knew that in order to illicit change we needed to understand where the issues lay, what caused them and not just how we could fix them, but more so how could we change them.

Through my solution driven approach with my clients, I found that Entrepreneurialism is the most effective and efficient way to achieve world change.

I have found that Entrepreneurialism is the most effective and efficient way to achieve world change

What do I do?

I work with Visionary Entreprenuers who want to start, structure or scale their expertise, ideas and businesses.

I believe that Entrepreneurialism is the greatest expression of creating change. Developing an idea that solves a problem, REALising that idea and then creating employment and opportunities around it is going to be the fastest way to solve so many of the world’s problems.

Through our enterprises we can shift ideologies, transform systems and enable resources to be distributed effectively and efficiently.

After starting a career at Accenture as a Management Consultant, over the last ten years I have consulted for world-class companies including GazProm, Shell and Nationwide, launched my own asian bridal fashion brand, and set up my own consultancy (now 5 years old).

So I know I’ve have learnt from and worked with some of the very best in business!

In this last year (2017/2018) I have been working on the launch of very own online business school “The Legacy Business School” for visionary entrepreneurs and founded a CIC foundation (Leaving a Legacy) to reinvest my company profits into good causes worldwide.

 I have been humbled to be the instrumental part of the set-up and expansion of numerous small businesses (including my own sustainable fashion house), advising a host of creatives and techies, launch creative brands such as a backpacking fine dining chef, an online support tool for parents with Autism and a ground breaking membership app portal. 

Through our work together we have developed, high-end services, established their expertise, helped them secure notable high-end celebrity clients across the globe and got them recongnised for their ground breaking world changing work! 

Now who can promise you results like that?

“With my drive and experience you can create your best business, feel valued and reap the rewards you deserve.”

How do I do it?

Whether you are a solopreneur or a corporate, my method of working brings together my 3 worlds, personal development, business strategy, and spirituality

Personal Development


Whatever label you wear, if you are looking after a business you need to be working on your mindset and how you feel about and your vision for your business. This is the foundation of having a happy business and a happy life. Ask me I know!

Over the last 4 years I have been on a deeply immersive journey to really understand (from the like of Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson to name a few) how we can operate at our most optimum level and what is going to get us there.

Personal development tools and techniques are a core pilar of my work with entreprenuers. This forms the foundation of your own leadership style and ultimately how your business will flourish.




Working on growing your business will largely be about developing the right strategies and implementing the right processes, tools and tech.

Mastering your business model, your target client, services and online presence will position you for long-term profitability. Understanding how to manage multiple tasks and projects alongside maintaining a steady income stream are all the things we work on together.

Through my experiences  I have built a unique capability to understands what is required to go from an idea to reality by leveraging the business assets, expertise and aspirations to build profitable and sustainable businesses, that leave a LASTING and POSITIVE impact to those they touch.




Now this is where things get interesting…

My experiences in personal development also led me down deeper personal experiences which largely shifted my perception of how business is and should be done.

Adapting fundamental spiritual practices for myself and applying these to my business has yeilded phenomenal results, and it’s high time we recognised how this can be applied to business!

Growing numbers of business people want their spirituality to be more than just faith and belief–they want it to be practical and applied. They want to bring their whole selves to work–body, mind and spirit. Over the last three years I have been learning more of how we can do this, and I work on it with my clients too!


"I have realised my ambitions time and time again, and now it's time for you to realise yours"

Nimisha Brahmbhatt

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