What is it going to take for you to finally live your Gift
I hear you, the first though that crosses your mind is “It’s not that simple… once X happens it will be possible, then when Y finally happens and I get noticed by Z then yes… MAYBE”
Do I need to say anymore?
Just read that again and let it sink in…
When are you going to stop hoping, wishing and wanting and starting deeply accepting what you are here to do? Notice I didn’t say ‘doing’ cos I hear you, you are already doing lots of ‘doing’ and whilst it’s working its not really getting you where YOUR SOUL wants to go.
So here are my 5 Tips on how to shift from that place ASAP! Like now!
  1. Start with just FEELING – That’s right it’s that simple, how could are you at feeling yourself (no dirty jokes here people). Like allowing yourself to just feel. If it’s one thing I have learnt the more we lean into our inner feeling they tell us what we want, even in times when we are should’ing all over ourselves! When you think about your Goals that you have right now how does your Body respond?
  2. Depending on the response check your goals, honest and hard and ask yourself, are these what I truly want (or are they the one’s I have should’ed myself into…) and if they aren’t what you want then go to next step
  3. What is your ultimate vision of yourself, without limitation and preconceptions (and all the things you think you will need to make it happen) what is it? And here is the easy part – Give yourself the DAMN PERMISSION TO vision BIGGER- (President, Beyonce, Space Walker you choose)
  4. Now settle with this big Vision, and notice the feelings that come up (both exciting and scary)
  5. Now work on the Scary – Go Deep, ask yourself why you feel the scary – Is it permission? Do you think you aren’t worthy, is it validation, are you too afraid of making a leap until a certain amount of people or A specific person validates you. Then work on each of them, unpick them and don’t be afraid of the darkness
We are all here to Live out a Legacy we have chosen! Unfortunately those voices in our heads and the programs we run are the things that hold us back! After that it’s just a solid plan and the right experts and strategies!
Happy Hump Day

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