Ninety Minute Business Intensives


Focused advice for Immediate results


Whether you’re new to the whole world of business, debating converting that talent or passion into a fully fledged business, or an established entrepreneur tackling the demands of growth or exploring potential new revenue streams, you need a strategy focused on you and your business.

Generic webinars, books and courses make persuasive promises. But they don’t factor in your unique challenges, address specifics or offer refined solutions. Working one-on- one with an experienced professional who knows the landscape of business and understands your aspirations is a more prudent investment and gets better, faster results.

That’s why I created the ninety minute Business Focus sessions. They are designed to get either the newbie or the seasoned entrepreneur to the right solution or outcomes, FAST! Look at what Sharon was able to achieve.

Prior to my 90 minute session I was struggling with what direction to take my business and wanted a strategy to support me in achieving my business objectives. I wanted to understand how I could leverage my current Client base and existing knowledge to start building awareness of my work and income for my business.

Together we worked on getting clearer on my offerings based on my clients needs, including clarity on what where I could cross-sell to clients and up-sell aswell! I felt more confident about the direction I was taking my businesss having got the advice from Nimisha.

Sharon Daley, Health and Wellness Professional

As a result of the 90 minute intensive Sharon felt more comfortable that she had a marketing and social media strategy implementation plan that would support her engagement and helping to show people what she did and how she could support them.

How can you use the ninety minute intensives?

A. What’s next? Building a strategy for growth- if you truly can’t figure out what the next step for your business is and you want an experienced professional to direct you

B. Your Sales and marketing plan for the next 90 days – because let’s face it without selling anything how are you really making money?

C. Refining and honing in your offers and services – if people have too much on the menu they unfortunately will struggle to commit to anything, so let’s create the right sales funnel (or two), because this is what most people won’t tell you (trust me I know, I have learnt) without this you may aswell be searching for a needle in a haystack .. in the dark.

D. How to leverage social media for your business – if you aren’t clear on this you maybe leaving a lot of money out of your business because this is the best way to connect with highly engaged audience

"In our ninety minutes I had enough clarity to who exactly was my client, how I was going to target them, what my marketings needed to say"

Sanchali Sen, Image and Brand Consultant

Is a ninety minute intensive right for you?

  • Are you truly stuck about what you need to do next?
  • Is the overwhelm of navigating the “how do I do it” such that you aren’t even taking any action?
  • Do you really wish you had a magic genie who could answer all your questions and tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing?

If you’ve answered, ‘yes’, to every question, here’s how Strategy Day works.

  • R Make a payment via the payment button below. All payments accepted via PayPal
  • R Once you have made payment you will re-directed to my calendar where you can pick the next available slot. Choose a date and time that works for you. Make sure in the comments you mention which option you want to cover in the 90 Minutes so I have plenty of time to prepare.
  • R Get ready and we shall connect on our call!

“It’s a very quick and effective way for you to get the right help you regain momentum in your business”

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