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Business Strategy Intensives

Whether you’re a well-established business tackling the demands of growth, or a dedicated entrepreneur planning where to take your business next, you need a clear strategy designed to meet your individual objectives.

Plenty of online business courses promise to teach you how to be pro-active and manage change effectively. What they can’t deliver are specifics: solutions and strategic direction tailored exactly to your needs.

Working together, one-on-one, with an experienced Business Consultant who knows and understands your business, is altogether different. It’s a constructive process with a practical outcome and it’s all about finding the right solutions for your particular challenges. Quick, clear and accurate, one-on-one coaching doesn’t deal in generalisations, so the results are precise strategies, aligned exactly to your business aspirations.


Business Strategy Intensives worked for Bollywood Entertainer and Dancer, Radhika Maya

Before her Strategy Intensive Day, Radhika faced a similar challenge to many growing businesses: she had a successful brand, lots of good ideas to move it forward, but no solid framework to hang them on. A single private coaching day was enough to get her ideas down on paper, refine them and devise a cohesive plan to structure her business growth effectively.

“Together we worked to identify my ideal clients, so I could visualise who I needed to target when developing products and services, and how to market these services to my ideal clients. Following that, we covered more practical elements: becoming visible to my target market using a stronger brand identify; developing strategies and insights on how to best leverage various media, and which platforms I was most likely to reach my target market. All these objectives led to the important core question of how much money I wanted to make to support my business objectives”

Radhika Maya, Bollywood Dancer

Following her Strategy Day, Radhika has successfully developed a stronger online and social media presence, and introduced two new services, both of which have steadily gained traction since their launch. She also decided to redesign her brand identity to appeal directly to her target audience. As a result she’s seen a remarkable organic upsurge in followers and likes, plus a significant improvement in brand awareness and recognition; all in just three months.

How can a Business Strategy intensive work for you?

Over the course of a single day we work together, one-on-one:

  • To define the specific needs of your business.
  • To develop individually tailored business strategies.
  • To create a practical, constructive plan of action.

At the end of the day you know:

  • Precisely what the next logical steps are for your business.
  • Exactly what actions need to be implemented, when and how.
  • The direction your growing in, will build a more profitable business.

Not only is it proven to work, it also speeds up the pace of business growth, improves agility, and allows you to manage change, effectively and productively.

"I would higly recommend Nimisha to help you create a coherent strategy for product growth. Her personal experience of growing her own brand, mixed with years of corporate consulting have given her an amazing ability to create realistic but daring strategies for growth."

Susan Kabani, Ugenie

Is a Strategy Day the right fit for you right now?

Business Strategy Intensive is a fast-paced, immersive process which most clients find exciting and inspirational. But it’s also an investment, and of greatest value if your business is at the right stage for positive change.

  • Have you been in business for at least a year?
  • Are you ready to establish strategies for growth?
  • Are you committed to your brand, product or service?
  • Are you ready to make more money?
  • Are you an independent thinker and confident in implementing a plan of action?

If you’ve answered, ‘yes’, to every question, here’s how Strategy Day works.

  • R Fill in the application form via the “Apply Now” button below to submit your interest in booking a strategy day
  • R I will review your application, and set up a complimentary 30 minute call to outline the Business Intensive Strategy Day, how it might work for your business, costs, timings and payment plans.
  • R If you want to go ahead after your call, an invoice will be sent out. Once payment is received, we’ll start to arrange the practical details of your Day.

“It’s an intensive and fast paced process which most clients find exciting and inspirational. But it’s also an investment and of greatest value if your’re at the right stage for positive change.”

What to expect on a Business Intensive Strategy Day

  • R Once your Strategy Day is booked, I set up an initial 60 minute call to establish your businesses key challenges and opportunities, and answer any questions you might have before the day itself.
  • R Strategy Days can be conducted face-to-face or virtually, whichever works best for you, and they normally run from 10am until 4.30pm (depending on your time zone). If you opt for face-to-face, you can choose a location that’s most convenient for you, and lunch and refreshments will be included.
  • R Every Strategy Day is broken into two sessions, each three hours long, with breaks in between. Lunch and refreshments are included for In-person sessions
Price of Strategy Day: £ 1997

We’ll be working together, one-on-one, focused solely on your individual business strategy and some key results you can expect include:


  • A basic business audit to determine the current state of you business and its particular strengths and weaknesses. The audit also includes a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to determine threats and opportunities, a competitor analysis.
  • Highlighting one specific business ‘pain’ point and ‘dream’ result i.e. finding new clients, creating a new business model, assessing a new market, rebranding, launching a product, monetising talent or expertise.
  • A 30-day kickstart action plan and learning how to implement the plan effectively.
  • A 12-month business roadmap based on the audit and recommendations.
  • All the essential planning templates to move forward

A full month of Post Strategy Intensive Support

After your Strategy Day, you can look forward to a month of free support for your business including:

  • Two 30 minute follow-up calls or Skype sessions: one in week two, and another in week four, following your Strategy Day. These calls are vital to the success of your plan of action in the early stages of implementation.

You can also email me with questions during office hours, throughout the month after your Strategy Day. Response time is usually within 48 hours.

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Strategy Intensive Upgrade

If you feel one month post support isn’t enough, add another month and benefit from:


  • 30 more days of support including two additional 30 minute Q&A follow-up calls.
  • Learn the fool-proof mindset techniques hugely successful businesses use to achieve an effective work/life balance, and still make six figure plus profits.
Price of Business Intensive Strategy Days + Upgrade Support : £2497

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