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 Join this amazing community of like-minded people who want to support each other to create, build and expand their businesses and to raise the consciousness of the world around them.

Founded on the 3 pillars of what we consider to be essential to all entrepreneurs; mindset + business strategy + spirituality.

"Statistically, newbie entreprenuers are more likely to succeed with the right community around them"




Working on your mindset and how you feel about and your vision for your business is the foundation of having a happy business and a happy life.

I will share my experience with how to master your mindset to align with how you want your business to look, feel and grow.

Above all, I know the power of community.  Statistically, newbie entrepreneurs have a greater success rate when they get the right community around them.  So don’t go it alone any longer!




Working on growing your business will largely be about developing the right strategies and implementing the right processes, tools and tech.

We will be hacking these topics weekly to give you lessons, templates and cheat-sheets to get your business creating more impact and growing sales.

Take all the learnings, resources and access to experts that we give you and make sure you implement them!

How can you be sure to implenment them?  This is where your mindset and new confidence will come in.



Now this is where things get interesting…

We all know that you need a great business strategy in place.  We also know the importance of your mindset.

So where does spirituality fit?

This is about honouring the human being who is running the business and making the tough decisions – that’s you!




Entrepreneurship is a huge change from the life you have been programmed to live.  You were raised to get a degree, get a job and climb the ladder – not to follow your dreams.


In order to break out of that programming and do business on your own terms, you need to grow as a person too.


I would love to be a part of your spiritual journey as I know the direct effect that personal growth has on business success

Join the Monthly Business Hub Membership for £27

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Full price thereafter £35 per month

Growing a business can often be a lonely journey, especially if you are one-man machine. No business-owner is able to do it on their on and satistically newbie entreprenuers are more likely to succeed with the right community (who are pretty much in the same boat) learning, supporting and growing together is really how you are going to create success in your business.

Add to that our library of videos, cheat-sheets, templates and experts we know this is truly where your business is going to grow.

All we need from you is to;

  • have a business (doesn’t matter if it’s new) with something to sell and a desire to really see it grow
  • be committed to your brand, product of service and ready to make more money
  • be independently minded and confident in implementing a plan of action

In return for your investment, Monthly Membership Includes…


Live Lessons + Q&As


My member’s tell me their favourite feature of The Business Hub is the Bi-Weekly live group video calls with guest experts.

Expert teachers join me to host lessons that cover all keys areas of business strategy; from sales psychology to staffing, operations to technology.  Our experts encourage questions and are always helpful.

But it’s not only about the strategy…

I believe there are 3 pillars needed to support to any successful entrepreneur.  Mindset, business strategy, and spirituality.  


Together, we achieve more


Jump on the member’s notice board to ask a question or share your struggles.  Tell us what has been keeping you awake at night – get solution-focussed answers and support.

This is a judgment-free zone.  No question is a silly one and we are here to support you.

Our members are a community and all support each other.  Entrepreneurship can be lonely, so growing your support network is essential.  The Business Hub is a ready-made network that you step into.


laser coaching

Focused solutions


Sometimes, you just need to talk it out.  I get that.

This is why the live aspect of The Business Lounge is so important to me.

Bi-Weekly laser coaching, sometimes with me and sometimes with one of my experts, is your opportunity to ask for help.

Dial in, get help and start moving forwards.

 There is also the option to upgrade and spend more one-on-one time with an expert in your field.

In the Business Hub I have lessons, templates, tool and techniques that hit on every pillar. 


Above all, I want your learning experience to be a rounded one incorporating Mindset, Business Strategy and Spirituality.

A little about me and how we work together…

My zone of genuis is taking your passions and ideas and turning them into burgeoning businesses. I strategise with entrepreneurs through the various stages of their businesses by providing expertise, tools and practical skills to achieve your business goals.

After a decade working as a management consultant to big corporations, helping them to actualise their big business goals – I left to actualise mine.

And I hit that wall – does it sound familiar? It turns out many of us experience this.  Losing the structure of employment we are more lost that we thought we would be. 

So I began my spiritual journey of discovery and I found my way back to myself.

We all know mindset is key to achieving results.  But what we don’t intuitively know is how to get our mindset right. We first need ot unlearn our employed framework for ‘being’, then build our entrepreneur mindset from the ground up. 

Today, I incorporate the learnings of my time in the corporate world, my many experiences with spiritual teachers, gurus and their modalities, with my own realisations of what it takes to be a entrepreneur.

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.

– Les Brown

what my members say about the hub…

 As I have been thinking deeper I have realised I’m trying to check off virtual tick boxes – those things I feel as a new business owner I have to do. The truth is I can spend too much time on the daily busy work, and not enough on looking at the bigger picture of my business.

I love Nimisha’s no BS approach, and am sticking around (in the Business Hub) for that reason, while I remove myself from all the other groups that I’m in that are just adding to the noise and confusion in my head.

I’ve found a safe place to work on myself and my business.”

Natasha Gupta, Interior Designer

what my members say about the hub…

As a fairly new entrepreneur of just 18 months, I’ve learned the hard way about the importance of having the right support in place.  My first year in business was a lonely one!

Having a place to go and ask Nimisha and the team any question that are troubling me has been so valuable.  Instead of spending hours researching, I can ask someone who knows the answer.

I know there are a lot of business coaches out there on social media – but I chose Nimisha for her background.  Along with her experience, I’m also really into her methodology of combining spirituality with the business stuff – and dare I say it, talking about emotions too!

I love that we can talk holistically about the whole expereince of being in business; from the money-making end to the human end, and everything in between.

Today I am more confident, and taking bigger steps in my business.


If you feel like the Business Hub is the place for you then here’s how to join.

  • R Hit the payment button below and you will be directed to set up your Monthly payments. Remember you get a new member’s welcome price of £27 for the first 6 months of membership, then £35 thereafter (Minimum term 6 months).
  • R Once we have confirmed your set-up we will send you a link to join our Private Community (through our app partner Ugenie), where you will get instant access to all our material and instant support from the community.

“I have advised some of the world’s largest FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies alongside multiple start-ups to turn their ideas into reality”

My promise to you is this.  If you join The Business Hub and feel that it isn’t the right place for you to be right now, then simply let me know within the first 30 days of joining, and I will return your money.