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Get Motivated: Are you surrounded by ‘Radiators’ or ‘Drains’?!

Is it important enough?- if so, take responsibility & take Action! Firstly, we need to look at this goal of yours …. Is it the right goal? Is it compelling enough for you? Does it have a big enough ‘why’ or reason to achieve it? What will achieving the goal get for you?

CRM system trends in 2018

The holistic horizon Working across several business disciplines engenders a comprehensive view of the industry. CRM consultant Nimisha Brahmbhatt has helped direct the implementation of CRM systems for FTSE 100 clients such as Centrica and Accenture as part of an overa

My top 5 tips to get businesses scaling up

The Great British Entrepreneur Scale-Up Conference will attract an audience of 500 founders, entrepreneurs and business owners from ambitious businesses. Working in association with Coutts, NatWest and RBS alongside significant partners and the media the inaugural Scale

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Nimisha Brahmbhatt is a British based, Kenyan serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, who advises and consults for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies and acts as a trusted business growth advisor to small and medium businesses globally.

Nimisha has consulted for world-class companies including Centrica, Shell and E.on Energy after launching her successful consulting career with Accenture. Nimisha has been instrumental in the set-up and expansion of numerous small businesses including her own sustainable fashion house, a backpacking fine-dining chef, award winning fashion photographer i-ShootPeople Photography innovative Austism support portal, TAP and many more to develop high-end, high-quality services helping them secure notable and celebrity clients across the globe.

Nimisha has recently developed a business school for startups and founded a CIC foundation to reinvest company profits into good causes worldwide.

Nimisha’s work and businesses have been featured in numerous UK and international publications including: Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Dubai Magazine and Gigabit.

A passionate advocate for CSR, Nimisha ensures all her business ventures are conscious and give back to the global community.



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