Your best business utopia is closer than you think!

As a trained coach, experienced management consultant and trusted business advisor supporting businesses through their start-up, growth or expansion phase is my zone of genius. I ultimately believe that your business should be one…

  • R Which gives you freedom to be yourself
  • R Where you make a living doing what you love
  • R Which transforms your creativity, passions and talents into money in the bank
  • R Where you deliver value to your customers and create lasting impact
  • R Which fulfills your ambitions and aspirations
  • R Which frees up time and creates income so you can enjoy life and loved ones

It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO or a one-man band, if your business isn’t helping you with the above then i have to ask why are you doing it?

Legacy Business School

If you are at the start of your entreprenuerial journey, then this may just be the place for you. The Legacy Business school is an innovative online learning community geared at equipping aspirational entreprenuers with solid foundations so they can turn their visions into gloabl missions.

Strategic Consultations

If you are looking for a more focusd 1:1 time, to hone in my expertise on your business then this is the answer for you. Strategic consultations are targetted at building strategies specific to your business so you can start to see results fast a gain momentum in your business growth journey.

Programmes, Mastermind and Retreats

If you are a more seasoned business-owner looking to work with an elite group of ambitious entreprenuers, look no further. Our unique programmes, retreats and masterminds bring together talented and successful individuals who are all working to scale their visions.

"Nimisha has been passionate and committed to my succes. She has drive, creativity and expertise to support you in growing your business quicker"

Sharon daley, health and wellness professional

If you don’t think all that’s possible think again. Growing business is about getting advice specific to the stage of business you are in.

Just over three years ago I was burnt-out after a long career in the corporate world. I knew something had to change and it was time to stop dreaming about, ‘one day’, and start saying, ‘now’.

I wanted freedom to choose the hours I worked and earn what i deserved. At the end of every day I wanted to feel valued, fulfilled and enthusiastic about tomorrow. Most of all I passionately needed to express my talents and explore my creativity, take control of my own future and financial security. So for me, starting my own business was the obvious ‘Now’.

""I wanted freedom to choose the hours I worked and earn what I derserved, so I set out on a crusade to leverage my skills and talents to do exactly that... create more freedom.""

Nimisha brahmbhatt

Launching an Asian Bridal Fashion Brand doesn’t seem like a natural fit for someone with no background in fasion or design. But it was a confident choice because, what I did know was how to operate a business. I’d made the journey from idea to start-up with dozens of clients in my corporate career and every step of the way was one i’d already taken successfully many, many times.

Long story, short: I understood the process, I had invaluable experience and I also invested in outstanding business mentors and coaches. Between their unique expertise and my own proved skill-set, we transformed a creative idea into a successful start-up and, ultimately, a thriving brand,

My first business was also my client and the lessons I learnt, mistakes I made, skills I developed, and tools I acquired in the process are the foundation of what is now the Strategy Intensives, designed to take entrepreneurs from idea to execution. I know it works because i’ve done it, and i can do it for you too.

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