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For emerging global leaders and legacy builders

* Costa Rica 10th to 15th November 2018 *

WANTED ten conscious individuals looking to make an impact and live the legacy they want to leave. In five days you will walk away with the blueprint to turn your world changing vision into a global mission

What WE can offer you



Work with Nimisha to hone into your Purpose, and what role you play in building your legacy. Using her unique mix of Business Strategy and Energetics she is being recognised for bridging the gap between what our Soul wants and how we can translate that into our life’s work. 

Don’t be fooled by this woo-woo talk! The last time she got someone on purpose they got themselves right infront of Nigel Barker (American’s Next Top Model). She may have a soft demenour, but has a sixth sense of mapping exactly what you want and how you want to show up to the world and then translating that into cold hard business!



Work with Brenda on understanding how to position your genius, your vision and turn that into a global mission.Learn the power of influence and how to leverage what you have built so far to get you infront of the brands that matter in your niche.

Those people who are going to look at your value and immediately catapult you to the platform that you want to be operating at, getting the coverage that you want to further your mission and growth



Work with Joanne to master the true art of being profitable no matter what niche you are operating in. Regardless of where you have come from, learn how to maintain your businesses profitablity so that all three of you; you, your business and mission are all taken care of.

As an experienced accountant and having supported multiple businesses achieve six and seven figure returns Joanne is going to be able to teach you how to remain profitable whilst being on purpose.


Your Legacy awaits you…

Is a high-level exclusive mastermind reatreat for just 10 individuals who are ready to serve at their highest level on a global scale.

Through an explosive mix of World Class Business knowledge, Public Relations, Energetics and Transformative Healing you will go on the journey of a life time to finally unlock your true potential, enabling you to step into your full expression, impacting not only your business but every aspect of your life.

Not only your business but your health, wealth and relationships will all see an improvement as you become the person you were always meant to be.

You already know the strategies to build a 6/7 figure business but you have been fearful to build a business based on who you are at your core, never allowing yourself to have fun and follow your intuition. Whether technical or energetic, you haven’t been the real YOU while growing your business and its beginning to take its toll.

The purpose of this retreat is to get you to a place where you will finally understand that your intuition is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing a legacy through your business. Through this you will see how you are meant to show up in your business and finally see how your are going to shape your business legacy. An increase in turnover is a natural by product of this.

If you’re ready to;

  • RLet go of those stories that no longer serve you so you can step into your legacy
  • RTruly understand what make you and your mission so unique the world cant live without it
  • RTranslate those visions into plans that will make an impact on a global scale
  • RConnect with a network of high vibe individuals who understand and will support you on your journey
  • RMake multiple six/seven figures as a standard in your business so you can start to fuel your purpose
  • Then this mastermind is for you.
Six Days at Private 5* Luxury Villa for Mastermind & Retreat: Starting at £2500


See Full Pricing Below



You have always known you were destined for GREATNESS. Build the Business that allows you to really realise your full potential 

At your level of consciousness, you understand that your business isn’t just a vehicle to make money, it’s got the capability to actually solve the world’s problems. You feel it’s truly time for you to step up the game in your business and also how you show up as a leader.

You have spent time crafting your product or services but you haven’t made the impact you want to make in the world because you’re struggling to hit the multiple 6 or 7 figure income goal needed to build your legacy. You want this business to scale to new heights but you find yourself still stuck. You’re in conflict, with yourself. You wrestle with your conscious, scared of leaving loved ones behind. Who are you to have global success? Who are you to have a multimillion dollar business that impacts the world? 

More importantly behind the gloss of social media and the perfectly crafted facade, the reality tells a different story. The truth is the way your business is heading right now, is not taking you to where you want to be and since the current state of your business is a direct reflection of where you are in life, you know it’s time for a shift. A time to reprint it all and finally achieve those heights you have only ever dreamt of. 

Not serving at your highest level is a huge injustice to yourself and those who need you and completely out of integrity. Your gifts, ability and skills are not being applied in the way they deserve to be. 

Isn’t it time you stopped talking about the million + lives you want to impact and set about doing it?

Build the business future generations will thank you for. 

The dream you have, to become that person who didn’t just talk about changing the world but actually did, is about to be realised.

Led by Nimisha Brahmbhatt, a British based, Kenyan born serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has spent the last ten years advising (and still continues to) consults for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Her vast depth of business knowledge means she acts as a trusted business growth advisor to small/medium businesses globally and has recently set up a CIC foundation to reinvest company profits into good causes worldwide.

Nimisha’s work and businesses have been featured in numerous UK and international publications including: Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards website, Look Magazine, Daily Express, Brides and Gigabit.

Her zone of genius is taking her clients ideas and literally turning them into reality. If you have a bold enough vision then Nimisha is your go to woman. 

Brenda Gabriel is a powerhouse publicist and digital media strategist for socially driven influencers and enterprise. A passionate advocate for ‘publicity that pays’ Brenda works with clients to leverage both traditional and digital media to authentically connect with their audience, amplify their message and effect positive change on a mass scale.

Known as ‘The Publicity Concierge’, Brenda, a former project and communications manager for the CPS, combines her public relations experience with digital marketing, business strategy and crisis aversion planning expertise to offer clients a holistic service. Brenda prides herself on helping clients position themselves as reputable thought leaders and innovators in their field and build their legacy.

With publicity forming only part of an impactful PR strategy, Brenda also works with clients on getting ‘PR ready’ focusing on PR mindset, online presence and business compliance.

Joanne Bell is an AWARD WINNING young entrepreneur and multiple business owner.

An accountant by trade she runs Bells Accountants, a million pound practice employing 15 staff over two offices in Kent and Surrey.

Her accountancy knowledge and vast first hand business experience means she is uniquely placed to advise her clients on all areas of business strategy and profitability.

The Plan of Action

You arrival should be planned for the 10th of November, you will be picked up by our Villa Team at San Jose airport and brought straight to Villa Mareas in the most serene part of Costa Rica.

The 5 day 5* All inclusive retreat, (including all meals, drinks and transfers to and from the airport) at our very own Private Wilderness Reserve, 3 Luxury Villas fully staffed and access to several waterfalls on the 36-acre of dramatic landscape covered in thick forest plunging down to a sandy coastline of deserted beaches and quiet coves.

For the next 4 days we will be working on a combination of Purpose, Publicity and Profitability to build the blueprint that is going to turn your Vision into a Global Mission. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you have worked on a game-changing product/service then we have you covered.

Add to that a complimentary massage and serene surrounding, you will have the perfect balance of relaxing so you can get creative about how you want 2019 to look for your missions, and get the support of noted experts to validate, mastermind and trouble shoot your world-changing idea to get it into the world!

Ps we are throwing in a whole host of fun whilst you are there too,  because how good would it feel to leave with 2019 mapped out, and the rest of your legacy starting to become real!


Live your Legacy is hosted on the luxury Villa Mareas in Uvita, Costa Rica 


£2500 + VAT (£3000)


Fully Inclusive of:

• Return Transfers to/from the Villa
• All Accommodation (4 person shared Suite)*
• Group coaching at the retreat
• Meals, Snacks, Drinks
• Excursions & Entertainment
• Personalised Master Business Blueprint for 2019 covering Strategy, Publicity and Profitability
• 1 x 60 minute One on One coaching sessions before the retreat

*Suitable for Friends who would like to attend together


£5000 + VAT (£6000)


Fully Inclusive of:

• Return Transfers to/from the Villa
• All Accommodation (2 person shared Suite)**
• Group coaching at the retreat
• Meals, Snacks, Drinks
• Excursions & Entertainment
• Personalised Master Business Blueprint for 2019 covering Strategy, Publicity and Profitability
• 1 x 60 minute One on One coaching sessions before the retreat
• 2 x 60 minute One on One coaching sessions after the retreat

**You will be sharing with another retreat participant


£7500 + VAT (£9000)


Fully Inclusive of:

• Return Transfers to/from the Villa
• All Accommodation (Luxury Suite with outdoor shower)***
• Group coaching at the retreat
• Meals, Snacks, Drinks
• Excursions & Entertainment
• Personalised Master Business Blueprint for 2019 covering Strategy, Publicity and Profitability
• 1 x 60 minute One on One coaching sessions before the retreat
• 2 x 60 minute One on One coaching sessions after the retreat

***Perfect for the solo traveller or couples alike. The fee paid is for the entire room and 2 participants

Payment Plans available

are you ready to see what you are able to achieve when you are fully aligned? 

  • R Fill in the form via the ‘apply now’ buttons to submit your interest in joining the Live your Legacy Mastermind Retreat
  • R Once Nimisha, Brenda and Jo have reviewed your application you will be invited to a complimentary 30 minute call/chat to outline the retreat and discuss your suitability and fit. 
  • R If you are offered a place a minimum payment of 30% of your invoice + VAT will be due for payment within 24 hours with a payment schedule and contracts to be signed, to secure your spot.  Once payment is received you will start to receive details of next steps.
  • R PAYMENTS IN FULL will receive a One Day Strategy Intensive with Nimisha prior to the retreat to start working on your business legacy

“Leverage the unique expertise of Nimisha, Brenda and Joanne through this intensive and fast paced process which will prove to be the best investment for your Legacy”

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