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Prior to her strategy Day Radhika was struggling with understanding where to take her Bollywood Dance brand next. She had all the ideas but just needed a solid framework within which to apply theme. What she didn’t realise was that a simple private coaching day together was all she needed a day to get all those ideas onto paper to then workout a cohesive plan for growth and structure for her businesses.

“Together we worked to identify my ideal clients were so i could visually see who i would need to target when developing products services and how to market these services to her ideal clientele. All these objectives derived from the most important question of how much money i wanted to make to support my business growth objectives. Following that we covered the more practical elements of becoming visible to your target market through creating a better look for my brand, giving me strategies and insights on how to leverage media effectively and on which platforms was i most likely to reach her target market. ”

Radhika Maya, Bollywood Dancer

Since her strategy Day Radhika has massively grown her online presence and has successfully launced 2 new services in her business that have been gaining traction over the past 3 months. Furthermore nailing her visual identify and social presence has meant her organic growth in follwers and fans is like none i have seen before!

How strategy day works

Throughout my career i have worked with corporate clients and entrepreneurs to design strategic plans focused on their specific requirements. Every business was different, but the desire to move smoothly from where they were to where they wanted to be was always a constant.

On a strategy day we work together to define your particular business need, develop and individual stragegy and create a constructive plan of action so that you no longer question what are the next logical steps for your business, understand what you have to implements so you aren’t going round in circles and rest assured that you are building a profitable business through the guidance of my expertise.

The process works, it speeeds up the pace of business growth, improves agility and manages change productively. I have used it to successfully grow my own businesses and applied it with phenomenal result for clients across almost every industry sector and size of enterprise.

"I wanted freedom to choose the hours I worked and earn what i deserved."


Is a Strategy Day the right fit for you right now?

A strategy Day isn’t the perfect fit for every business. It’s an intensive and fast paced process which most clients find exciting and inspirational. But it’s also an investment and of greatest value if you’re at the right stage for positive change.


  • Have you been in business for at least a year and now want to establish structures to equip you for growth?
  • Are you committed to your brand, product of service and ready to make more money?
  • Are you independently minded and confident in implementing a plan of action?

If you’ve answered, ‘yes’, to every question, here’s how Strategy Day works.

  • R Fill in the form below to submit your interest in booking a strategy day
  • R Once Nimisha has reviewed your application you will be invited to a complimentary 60 minute call to outline the programme and discuss how Nimisha is able to support you.
  • R If you are happy with the outcome of the call, you will be sent an invoice (payment plans available and can be discussed with Nimisha on the call). Once payment is received arrangements will be made for your strategy Day.

“It’s an intensive and fast paced process which most clients find exciting and inspirational. But it’s also an investment and of greatest value if your’re at the right stage for positive change.”

Once a strategy Day is booked

  • R An initial 90 minute call/skype to establish the key challenges and opportunities we’re tackling and ask any questions you may have.
  • R Each Strategy Day is a face to face process and runs from 10.00am to 4.30pm at a convenient location of your choosing, and we work together one-on-one, solely focused on developing your individual business strategy.
  • R Lunch and refreshments are included.
Price of Stratefy Day: £ 997


Three 90 minute follow-up calls/skype sessions are part of the Strategy support services. Spread out over three months following your Strategy Day, they’re a vital part of successfully implementing your plan of action in the early stages.

You can also email me with questions at any time during the initial three month implementation period.

Get in touch with Nimisha to start the conversation

Strategy Virtual

If a Strategy Day doesn’t fit with your schedule, Strategy Virtual is the flexible alternative. We still work together through the strategy Day elements to develop your business-specific plan and you have all the support you need during implementation. But, instead of face-to-face in one intense day, Strategy Virtual allows us to work by phone or Skype to your timetable.

Price of Virtual Strategy Day: £ 597

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