7-Figure Blueprint


The exact 7-Figure Blueprint for your Business Legacy


Every successful business wants to be more successful. So change and growth are essential.

When we start talking about shifting from six to seven figures, growing without direction or implementing changes with no clear strategy isn’t just unfocused, it’s inefficient, time-consuming and if done incorrectly will be the nail in the coffin for you to give up your business.

I get it, there are dozens of online business courses promising to teach techniques for strategic growth and offering general roadmaps to navigate change, but taking your business to a seven figure yearly income isn’t just a shift, its a leap in your reality as a business owner, which will have a direct impact on your profitability.

Not only do your systems, tools, process and hell even clients change, but you change, and fundamental to success in this arena is recognising what about you, your product and service (the perception) is going to be the reason you bring in more $$$.

The Seven-Figure Blueprint is a fast-track immersive, one-on- one process, that takes my 10 years of experience in High Value Growth Consulting, Strategy, Business Change and Implementation and focuses it solely on your business.

THIS isn’t COACHING, let’s get that clear from the on-set.

This is pure strategy, consulting and leadership development. You already need to be operating with a core audience, a product or service, results and a HUNGER to grow. This immersive process is constructive, intensive and it will test you.

“Being a Tech Founder, it was imperative for me to know that the idea was going to Scale to more than seven figures. That said knowing the strategies I needed to implement and furthermore what myself, my co-founder and most importantly my product set needed to do, in order to achieve the results, was still un-certain to me.

On the initial interaction with Nimisha, she was very quick to identify the client set, the product changes and tweaks, the marketing strategy and the action plan in order to start hitting the ground running.

The initial tweek alone helped us secure more funding from investors, as we were sharper about who we are as a business and that in turn has lead to clients! I am confident in my seven figure blueprint to success, not to mention the shift in perception and how that’s helped us secure more investment. We are now mid-way through our target objective and I am looking forward to what we create jointly.”

Susan Kabani, CEO and Founder of Ugenie

Throughout my career I have worked with corporate clients and entrepreneurs to successfully direction their businesses from six figure business units, to Seven figure businesses!

We work on increasing profits, manage change, and most importantly SCALE. Every business is different, but their desire to move smoothly from where they were to where they wanted to be, is always a constant.

What does the Seven Figure Business Blueprint offer?

The Blueprint is designed to be SPECIFICALLY tailored to

  1. Your income goal – I.e. where are you moving (low six figures) from and where to (first seven figure
  2. The amount of time you wish to achieve this in
  3. The ability for you who is leading this process in your business, to take action and implement.

Over the course of six months we will work together, one-on-one on these core themes;

  • Perception Evolution – Changing the way the market see’s you and your product
  • Leverage – Looking at what your business has delivered to it’s client to date and what can you leverage in order to create the Blueprint
  • Creation – What news Products or Services would you have to create and delivery in order to achieve the 7 figures within your stated timeframe
  • Automation – We will look at what parts of your business need to Scale with Automation
  • Team – We will define what Team you need and who should be the right people for YOUR business in order to support you the Leader
  • Leadership – to define how you the Leader need to evolve and change to drive this business.
  • Strategies – Based on the above we will develop strategies unique to you and your business and the corresponding actions and marketing tactics that are going to leverage your business to achieve your goals


“Isn’t it time you finally overcame the frustration of growing your vision, got the expert help you know you need and start to see the results that you have always wanted?”

What to expect from the process?

  • R An initial 60 minute call with you to discuss what you want to achieve, and your key performance indicators (KPI) ie. financial, client numbers, overall business growth.
  • R A Virutal 1:1 Day together mapping out all the requirements and background information, Nimisha will develop a tailored Project Plan with Deliverables, Outcomes and key milestones which are to be hit by you the Client and Nimisha
  • R This highly tailored plan is then agreed to on a follow up 60 minute call after which we move into 6 month of Implementation. A sample of this will be shared with you to illustrate what you can expect.
Price of Blueprint Intensive (6 months): £ 50,000 (GBP) $65,000 (USD)

What to expect as outputs

Seven Figure Blueprint Intensive provides you with a phased-approach in achieving the vision, mission and purpose. It leverages proven tools, methodologies and strategies to accelerate the realisation of your business outcomes. It will assess all areas of your business and capabilities to build a actionable plan and roadmap. This will include (and not limited to) the following areas;


  • a 360 deep-dive business audit covering your current status; SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats)
  • a comprehensive competitor analysis, snapshot of your current market overview and a trend analysis report for you to leverage
  • a 12-month in-depth strategy along with a two year and five years high level strategy, derived from your audit findings and business aspirations
  • a bespoke 6-month Business Plan which is the pathway to setting the foundations to achieving the Six Figures
  • a bespoke sales and marketing plan covering your money/client targets for the next 12 months, who is your target client(s) and how to reach them; target pricing; sales and profit targets and how to map progress and analyse results.
  • along with all deliverables specifically agreed as per the initial assessment.
“After 3 years in business I was ready to level-up and having known Nimisha for a while, I knew she was the right person to help. Together we created a Blueprint that has allowed me to access a new clientelle and market, create a new income stream in my business and gain confidence to position myself amongst much more elite clients!

I can now boast some of the top Fashion Brands on my roster of clients. What started of as an engagement to scale my income has now turned into an evolution of me as a person.

I am excited to see what more will happen with the advice and strategies I am implementing”

Bansri Dattani, MD, i-ShootPeople Photography

Is this the right service for your business ?

Business Blueprint Intensive is an immersive process which most clients find exciting and inspirational. But it’s also an investment, and of greatest value if your business is at the
right stage to effectively implement short and long term strategic action.

  • Are you making consistent six figures in your business with alteast an average of £150,000/year?
  • Do you have an existing infrastructure to sustain new growth? Audience, Product, Credibility
  • Are you ready to look at how you can truly structure and scale your business?
  • Are you ready to create more income?
  • Are you ready to commit to implementing strategic business plans?
  • Are you the SOLE decision maker in your business, or do you have authority to make decisions on your founders/investors behalf?

If you’ve answered, ‘yes’, to every question…

  • R Complete the application form via the “Apply Now” button below
  • R I will review your application, and set up a complimentary 30 minute call to
    discuss Business Blueprint Intensive, how it applies your business, costs, timings
    and payment plans.
  • R If you want to go ahead after your call, an invoice will be sent out. Once payment
    is received, we’ll start to arrange the practical details of the Business Blueprint
    Intensive process.

"Nimisha is a very credible businesswoman who walks in an integrity and authenticity that is very refreshing. She is a joy to work with! I’m still FEASTING off of all the “Juicy” direction she has given me. I have had 3 STRATEGY-building, RESULTS-Yielding Sessions with her!

Dr Vanessa Abernathy - Clinical Psychologist

Seven Figure Blueprint Intensive Plus

Business Blueprint Intensive Plus provides on-going support and practical assistance
throughout the implementation of your initial

  • Consulting against the 12-month Business Plan.
  • Invaluable access to one-on- one expertise.
  • Progress analysis and target setting
  • Identifying Growth Opportunities and Leveraging growing success
Monthly Retainers starting from £2499 per calendar month

Contact Nimisha

tel: +44(0)20 8243 8679        email: info@nimishabrahmbhatt.com